SpotPayTM is an ideal solution for small to mid-size companies where collections are key to their success. SpotPay makes it possible for companies, from medical and dental offices to gyms and landscapers, to efficiently reach out to customers who owe them for products or services and efficiently collect those funds. SpotPay can be used for aging accounts or to keep the majority of accounts within a 30-day pay cycle. SpotPay virtually eliminates the high fees associated with collection companies. If you leverage the full capabilities of SpotPay, you will have more success collecting and keeping what you’ve earned.

There’s no need for hardware and no need for messy or time-consuming integrations. A company simply sets up through the SpotPay Portal and uploads their accounts receivable. The SpotPay system will send out reminder texts and emails to your customers, reminding them to pay their bill. The customer can pay via SMS, Email or by Phone. I the SPotPay system queues up a customer to receive a phone call SpotPay provides suggested scripts that will encourage payment. SpotPay comes with the KomBea SoftCall solution, so you don’t even need to use your office phones to manage your collections. We even provide a user interface for your customers to select their method of payment, via CC, ACH, payment plan or Apple Pay, all within a completely safe and PCI compliant system. You and your customer have all the choices. SpotPay allows you to take control of your collections.

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