Why KomBea?

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Utah, KomBea develops call center technology aimed at enhancing and perfecting agent-customer phone interactions.Call center agents around the globe use KomBea technology on millions of calls every month.

Why KomBea?

Leadership Team

Art Coombs
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Art Coombs   |   Founder & CEO

Art has over 25 years experience with a number of global firms and their call/BPO centers worldwide. Before heading up KomBea, Art served as the EVP, Business Development/Strategic Initiatives for ICICI OneSource (now FirstSource), one of India’s largest BPO/Contact Center outsourcers. Previously, Art was CEO and founder of Echopass Corporation, which built the world’s premier contact center hosting environment.

Art is also a widely published author of methodologies for BPO/contact centers, outsourcing, and technical support, and speaks regularly at Support Center conferences.​

Art has more than 25 years of experience as a global Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry executive.

Ronnie Johansen
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Ronnie Johansen   |   Founder & SVP Operations

Before co-founding KomBea, Ronnie served as the Director of Contact Center Solutions at Intuit Corporation, where he played a key role in defining and driving the company’s contact-center technologies. Previously, Ronnie has served as Vice President of Operations for Sento, Director of Customer Service for Novell, Inc. in the Netherlands, and Director of Software Internationalization at WordPerfect Corporation. Ronnie co-founded KomBea as he has seen companies operate inefficiently and lose millions to credit card fraud and believes these problems can be removed from contact-center-based organizations.

Ronnie has spent the past 25 years working with progressive companies in the software and contact center industries.

Dave Peachey
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Dave Peachey   |   Founder & CTO

Before joining KomBea, Dave served as VP of Engineering at UpWind Solutions, where he led the development teams in creating tools for creating improved operational performance of large wind farms. Dave also served several executive positions at Invensys Controls, and as VP Engineering at Unity Systems, and was a key developer in the creation of the original PhoneMail voice mail system at ROLM Corporation. Dave has brought an enhanced level of design and engineering to KomBea that enables KomBea to offer solutions that are uniquely competitive within the contact center space.

Dave brings more than 25 years of experience developing software and grooming world-class software engineers.

Our Mission

KomBea’s management team has collectively managed tens of thousands of call center agents across the globe, over several decades. They are committed to the highest quality experience on every call. They strive for Net Promoter, C-SAT scores and sales metrics that make other call centers envious. Their objective has always been to make their companies and clients insanely successful.

Through decades of management experience, it has become clear to them that you can implement a process for everything, but without the right software tools, you cannot implement a process that will help an agent say the right thing, at the right time with the right tone, every day on every call. Their motto is, “when agents are your process, you have no process.” At least not a replicable one.

Legal disclosures and compliance statements are difficult to measure and enforce. If any call center tells you that their compliance with live agents is consistently above 93%, you are being decieved!! Even if you have an army of quality and compliance specialists, agents will eventually paraphrase, omit, mumble, speak too fast, and leave out (intentionally or unintentionally) critical pieces of the disclosure.

Because of these challenges, KomBea has built software tools that ensure quality, compliance, security, and continuous process improvement. KomBea tools combine human intelligence and intuition with the accuracy, consistency, and measurability of technology.

KomBea sells its tools to marquee clients who use them internally as well as leveraging them in its own call centers, thereby allowing clients the benefit of these tools combined with labor arbitrage at offshore facilities.

How can we help you?

Let us learn about your company. We can identify where a KomBea solution may help you with the largest challenges your call center faces: QUALITY!

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